Blogger Meet-up Recap

Tuesday, June 1, 2010 | by Samantha | Labels: , , |

On May 20th I attended a Blogger Meet-up. I've said it once already, but I'll say it again...

They are also extremely nice and very welcoming. It doesn't matter if you have been blogging for 2 year or 2 months, they will welcome you with open arms... literally... most are 'huggers,' which I love. :-)

Together we donated 170 pounds of food to local good shelves. Thanks to Molly of The Snyder 5 for organizing such a cool event!

I chatted with some ladies I have known for a little while and some others who I had never met. It was so great to be able to get together with these ladies and be part of this amazing network.

Me and Mary of Fit this Girl!

- You should read Mary's blog because she is an awesome person who will motivate you to get moving and smile while you are doing it. :-) She's also a runner extraordinaire who is following her dreams and I respect that SO MUCH.

Me and Cindy of Healthy Heart Journey, and Jen of Prior Fat Girl

- You should read Cindy's blog because she posts adorable photos of herself and organizes cool events like the Walking Club.

- You should read Jen's blog because she is incredibly honest and has an amazingly inspirational story.

Me and Darcie of Gust Gab

- You should read Darcie's Blog because she posts cool things like her 'Summer Bucket List' (totally stealing this idea for myself) ...she also posts adorable photos of her two kids... who are adorable. :-)

Me and Allison of O My Family and Jen of Grow with Graces

- You should read Allison's Blog because she's an honest and funny mommy blogger (see this tweet) and because she has a sweet giveaway going on right now that you should definitely go check out!

- You should read Jen's blog because she's doing the Couch to 5k Program too (woo!) and because she posts things like 'Thankful Thursdays' which I may have to do in my other blog (perfect for scrapbooking and memory keeping!)

Some more great ladies I got to meet and talk with (but didn't get photos of!)
- Liz of Random Thoughts of a Lutheran Geek
- Robin of Just After Bedtime
- Suzi of Pink Vanilla Cupcakes
- Angie of Fumbling Toward Family

I got to the event around 6:00pm. I told Jason I should be home by 8:00pm. At 9:00pm, I looked at the clock and literally couldn't believe I had been there for 3 HOURS! Times goes by fast when you're in good company. :-)


LutherLiz said...

It was so great to meet you! Next time we'll have to get a picture!

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