Weigh-In Wednesday: The Jason Edition!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010 | by Jason | Labels: |

Sam is traveling this week (Yes, I'm jealous!) so no weigh-in for her. My details are below:

Starting weight (1.4.2010): 216.6 pounds
Last week's weight (4.28.2010): 199.8 pounds
Current weight (5.5.2010): 198.6 pounds
That is a loss of 1.2 pounds for a total loss of 18.0 pounds!
What I did: Wow, What can I say? I am now two weeks in a row below 200 lbs. (Let's keep it that way, ok?) I have continued to run regularly and have been very mindful of portion control. I have been having to cook for myself this week but have been doing alright with it. (I am very helped by the meals we prepared at Let's Dish before Sam left.) I am thrilled that I lost weight this week despite a weekend Cinco de Mayo party where more than a few "liquid calories" were consumed. I have also been much more snacky this week than I typically am. I attribute this to boredom as I have been alone at the apartment in the evenings. Snacking when I am bored is a nasty habit that's been a real struggle for me.


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