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Thursday, May 13, 2010 | by Samantha | Labels: |

I recently came across an offer for a free digital subscription to Organic Spa Magazine. After some research on the magazine (which I had never heard of) I thought it was worth checking out. I thought I would share this offer with you before it expired (not sure when). I haven't gotten my first digital issue yet, but I read some articles on the website and enjoyed them. (Check out back issues here.)

Some articles you may enjoy:
- Tips for Staying Motivated
- 10 Little Known Facts About Tea
- Lunch Hour... Exercise Power
- Enjoy Your Food

I am particularly interested in the 'wellness' section of the magazine. I'm not as into fashion or beauty (which is another emphasis) but maybe you will find it useful. :-) Other categories include travel, green home, and natural beauty.

Sign up for your free digital subscription here.


Lisa said...

Thanks so much! I had to share this post with others. Always nice to get something for free.

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