Jason Got Run Over by a Reindeer

Tuesday, April 27, 2010 | by Jason | Labels: , , |

A post in which I celebrate some success, talk about some fears, and discuss a close encounter with nature:

-I completed my first 10 mile run this past Sunday (11:23 per mile = 5.3mph). I used the interval method that I discussed in my previous post. It felt awesome and I feel like I have reached a milestone in my training. I am now 5.5 weeks away from running my first half marathon and I am really starting to think that I may actually be able to do this. The best part is that I actually look forward to running, I'm excited to be able to go at the end of the day and find it to be incredibly stress relieving.

-Tomorrow Sam and I are going to spend some time at Let's Dish!. Let's Dish! is a store where you go and build meals that you then take home to freeze so that they can be easily prepared when it is time for them to be eaten. I'm really looking forward to it and plan to get a week's worth of relatively healthy foods that I can prepare on my own. This is especially important as...

-Sam is leaving on Friday for 10 days. I am really excited for her to get to go back to Boston to visit friends and then on to Vermont for a few days to see family. While she is in Vermont she is going to celebrate a really exciting milestone in our friends' lives as she joins them for a baby shower. Honestly, though, the idea of her being gone for so long scares me. :-( I'm nervous that I will be unmotivated to do anything and that I'll resume some bad habits (I get very snacky when I'm lonely and bored.) I'm also nervous that the serving size of the Let's Dish meals will feel really small and I'll end up eating too many calories because I'll go back for seconds. I'm also not looking forward to making them for myself (I hate "cooking" even if its just heating things up in the oven). I guess in the end I'm just going to miss her horribly and thinking about her being gone makes me realize how grounding she is to me and how much more at ease I feel with her around.

-And now a quick story about running in nature: I have been running on paved recreation paths that circle some local ponds/lakes. Usually I love seeing the wildlife along my route as I frequently see squirrels, ducks, turtles, etc. A few weeks ago I saw a bald eagle which was really cool. On Sunday, as I was about 2/3rds of the way done my run I came around a corner and saw two large dogs running straight at me. Only these turned out to not be dogs but a pair of deer approaching very quickly from across the field that adjoins the path. (I know deer and dogs look nothing alike, it was a hazy day, I was getting a bit tired, and I didn't have my glasses on.) I had a moment of panic as these deer were heading straight towards me. Thankfully they veered off to the left and crossed the path about 150 feet in front of me. And then, just as I caught my breath and decided it was safe to run again I noticed a third deer standing in the middle of the path just watching me. We had a bit of a staring contest (I totally won.) and when he decided to run off I continued my run constantly scanning the tree line for any other approaching beasts. Jason + Large Animals = Chicken!

My apologies for the long, rambling post. I have a lot on my mind as you might have guessed.


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